Monday, April 9, 2012

Running Update and other Sundry Items of Little Interest

I chose today's title over "Writer's Block Monday: The Anguish Continues."  It's just very dull around here.

Running is going fine.  Saturday was 2.5 miles.  It's been very windy which has been a challenge.  Also, I seem to have aggravated an injury I received walking downhill at reader-friend Molly's last summer.  I may or may not have been trying to balance my tasty summertime cocktail and some snacks as I made my way back down to the lake in wedge flip flops.  Tricky.

Colin has survived his first week of track.  He's not in love with it.  He doesn't like it when he doesn't know exactly what to expect.  I, personally, know how this feels.  I'm hoping when he gets his first meet out of the way, he'll rally.

I was remembering this morning that for the entire length of last school year, he swore up and down it was his last year of choir.  Then when it came time to register, he registered for choir.  Who can understand the male adolescent mind?

The neighbors out my kitchen window are snowbirds.  They have not returned yet, but someone came and got their car.  This weekend a great-granddaughter or someone came and dug up the peonies.  Stay tuned for further action packed neighborhood updates.

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