Monday, August 23, 2010

The Water Slide

We are home and I have many things to tell you, but I have to start with the best part . . .

All summer long Colin has been asking to go to a water park, and the answer every time has been a resounding NO! and the conversation continues on like this.


Because you don't swim and you don't like to go down water slides.

"So?  Do all kids like to go down water slides but me?"

Yes, a lot of kids like to go down water slides.  Those kids who don't like water slides don't go to water parks.

"Am I the only one who doesn't like water slides?"

I am sure you're not.

"I could just watch."

No, we are not paying to have you just watch.  You have to go down the slides.

"Is it just me who doesn't like to go down slides?"

On and on, around and around this conversation would go until finally Brent or I would say, "We're not talking about this any more."

So the one of the last nights of our trip I had booked us into a hotel with two water slides.  I figured Colin could have his fix of water slide watching and maybe we wouldn't have to talk about it for a while.  I didn't tell him we were going to do this, but the night before we got to this hotel, Colin figured it out by looking through a brochure for the city we were visiting.  He studied that brochure thoroughly.

We got to the hotel, put on our swimsuits, and went down to the pool.  Brent and I each took a deep breath and said in flat monotone, "Colin, are you going down the slide?"  We expected the usual, "No."  Imagine our surprise, then when he said, "Yes," and headed for the stairs.

The tiny lifeguard was concerned that the chlorine was bothering my eyes.  I had to explain to her I was having a Weeping Mommy Moment.

Colin popped up at the end of the slide and asked, "Can we go to a water park now?"

Yes.  I guess so!

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