Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lewis and Clark Homework

My Lewis and Clark homework isn't going very well.  The book is good and I am loving reading it, but the only time I have been able to open it up is right before bed . . . snuggled comfy in the covers . . . as the day's (yawn) troubles melt away in a pleasant haze beneath . . . my . . . (snore) . . . um . . . pillow.  Lewis and Clark are interesting guys, but their nonfiction selves just can't compete.

To top this off, I've done something I always got mad at my mom for doing.  I read the end of the book.  It doesn't turn out well for Lewis.  No, it does not. It cannot have helped that his mama named him Meriweather.

I fear poor Brent will have to drive across western North Dakota/ Eastern Montana* listening to Lisa's Readers Theatre. Sometimes there are different voices for the characters.  Lewis probably has a Virginia drawl.

*Beloved Southern and Eastern friends and loved ones, this is a drive that could be done with a brick on the acceleration pedal and a rope tied to the steering wheel.  Welcome to the prairie.

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  1. My sister lives in Lakeside MT - Will you be posting a few pictures from Glacier NP? I remember the local huckleberry jam being very good out in the Glacier NP area. Have a great trip!