Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Poem for Tuesday

Friends? (snuffle) Loved ones? (snort) Is dat you? Da change of season is wildy, wary hard on by sinuses. (wheeze) I found dis blog poem dat says it all. Bless Brenda's heart. It's da best poem I've featured all year. (achoo, moan)

Ode to Ragweed blooming season: I hate you
by Brenda Gail

Ragweed and my nose

Oh, ragweed I hate you I hate you I say,

I hate you tomorrow and I hate you today.

You clog up my pores, you clog up my head,

You cause me to hate and you cause me to dread,

You cause me to talk funny when I get out of bed.

Oh, ragweed oh ragweed I hate you I say

I wish, how I wish, you would just go away

You bloom little green blooms that make me so sad

You bloom so profusely It makes me so mad

I close up the house,

I pull down the shades,

But in you creep, into my house, and up into my nose

and into my brain, and the Tylenol just doesn't cut it

and the Sudafed is not to be found, thanks to the methheads,

and my poem does not rhyme anymore,

Oh, ragweed, oh ragweed I wish you would go

Oh, well you will be here until we see snow.

The end

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