Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I spy

Friends and loved ones, I'm not stalking you per se, but I do have a little tracker that shows me where you are. I'm sort of a geek that way. I find it interesting. I don't know who you are, so if you are my old boyfriend pining away for how smart, attractive and amusing I still am and how your life really turned out to be a pittance without me, rest assured, your secret is safe with the Google tracker, Clay Carter. Oh, wait . . . Anyway, shout out to you, little friend in Duluth, Georgia. I was recently in Duluth, Minnesota. And, of course, when I see Houston, Texas, I know in my heart of hearts it's Beth Moore laughing and praying away for me personally.

Well, in other news, I survived M___ Middle School orientation last night. "Middle School" is a bit of a joke here in West Lake Woebegone because there are only two schools -- the elementary school and the everything else school. Colin will now be going to the everything else school. It's a relatively new school built with state incentive money 20 years ago. The money went to schools willing to consolidate their high schools with nearby towns. Wanting to be fair, the communities built this school out in the middle of nowhere, although they do have a nice view of the lake.

There are certainly pros and cons to its being out in the middle of nowhere. Children aren't wandering off campus in the middle of the day, for example. I would advise, however, NOT to drive out that way after school when all the new drivers in their clunker cars attempt to make a left turn from the parking lot back into town.

People have gotten hurt.

** Roxane has written me this morning to say the school is not in the middle of nowhere. Technically, she's right. It's on a road between our town and a neighboring town. What I mean to point out is that it's not actually in town . . . nearby, where this mother could patrol past in her car to make sure everything is all right and her child wasn't outside screaming in fear. More on my reaction to "Middle School" versus Colin's later.

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  1. ML, the school is in an interesting place. A fair place, yes, but certainly out in the middle of nowhere. I'd never really thought about that before, though, and how removed it sort of is. I hope this is the start of an awesome year for you and yours. :)