Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo Shoot 2

Do you remember a few weeks back when I took Toddler D to have his pictures taken? Remember how I scooted D off the stool to show him what to do. Read it here.

Okay, so this week Colin comes home with a large brown envelope in his backpack containing Toddler D's very cute photos and an entire matching packet of my cheesy photo. I'm talking 8x10, wallets, exchange and stickers, for the love of Pete.

Well, okay, that's kind of funny. We can all have a good laugh about that. I cut them out and spread them around. Ha-ha! Look at the funny picture I took. Until . . . another brown envelope arrived in the mail this weekend. Seems the fine folks at the school picture studio saw my adult face in the series of photos taken and figured I must be a staff member. So there I am with my big cheesy smile in the school staff photo collage. I am right between Mrs. Clare and Mrs. Douvier. Only it's not my name under my face . . . it's Toddler D's.

I called the elementary school secretary and said, "Um, hi, Katy. It's Mary Lisa." Right away she burst out laughing. Bad sign. "Yeah . . . um . . . how many of these photos are there?"

70. There are 70. I have one. 69 to go.

Now, Katy was pretty ticked at school photo place because she had seen a proof and I am not the only person who did not belong in the collage. I am, however, the one with the cheesiest smile.


  1. Oh my have the most random things happen to you. :-) The great thing about your picture is that yes, cheesy grin, but you have the bestest most beautiful cheesy do you pull that off?!

  2. Hilarious, ML...simply hilarious!
    If I were a parent just moving to town, I'd see the teacher photos and insist that my kid have this teacher! You can just tell she has an imagination!

  3. Oh ML, this is so knee-slapping funny! Well, okay, maybe not to you...yet...but truly, someday, you WILL see the humor of it all. :)

  4. I read this 20 minutes ago and I am still laughing hysterically!

  5.!!! This is just what the doctor ordered for me today!!! My stomach is still hurting from the belly laughing!!!!! Thanks!!!