Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Table and The Mitten

The new kitchen table came today which was very exciting -- especially exciting since the delivery guys were supposed to come at 9:45 but arrived at 9 while we were still standing around in our jammies drinking coffee.

They also delivered a new chair for our den. ("Den" sounds fancier than fingerprint covered old chocolate milk smelling pit of chaos TV room.) This afternoon as I was running around trying to tidy up, I pulled the tags off the new chair by pulling instead of finding a scissors to clip. As I did this a huge tuft of chair stuffing came out. I panicked not wanting Brent to come home and discover I had pulled and not clipped our new chair. I ran downstairs to the land of forgotten craft projects in search of a knitting needle to poke the stuffing back.

The first knitting needle I grabbed had this attached:

Do you think it's a mitten?! Do you think I was attempting an advanced project like a mitten? I think it's a mitten! What was I thinking? There are two mittens in mitten craft project. Do I not know me? Have I not been down the road of forgotten craft projects a thousand times with me?
Looks like I quit as I was getting to the thumb.
A mitten. Ha.
It's pretty. It's too bad.


  1. The table is beautiful! I bet you are still sitting at it even though dinner is long over.

  2. I'm excited to see the new table at the Party House. I think mom might finish my half-done afghan that was in my basement. I gave it up when we got cats. Remember when we got cats?

  3. Lisa, Take it from me...thumbs are hard!