Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Sarah,

Since I feel pretty confident you are the only one who reads my blog (well, you and apparently Digital TV Brazil), this blog's for you:


  1. As we are now 373 some odd days away from my 40th birthday and (ahem) middle age (I guess), I think you are going to have to begin some conversations with me thusly, "Say, Lisa I've tagged you on my blog. I know you know what this means, but perhaps I will explain a little to remind myself . . ." I am surprised how subtle the transition is from hip to out of it to tragic.
  2. I have had up to four vacations planned at once. Right now I only have the next two planned out, but I may sneak in a long weekend in the fall, and if we have fun in Wyoming I think you and I should take the children to the Black Hills when school lets out next year . . . with or without our spouses.
  3. I once knew the Knights of the Round Table. Now I can only name Gawain, Galahad and Lancelot, of course.
  4. I hate my hair and am perfectly willing to let a Nioxin Certified (?) stranger press a wand (?) to my head without knowing what he is doing with said wand. I will probably also pay for this experience -- in product if nothing else.
  5. Baby D and I are finishing Charlotte's Web and I just know I am going to cry -- like I don't know how it ends.
  6. I'm waiting for my dog to die. I don't know if that will make me cry.
  7. On my last trip to Disney -- hot and crowded -- I began to think I don't love WDW as much as I once did. SHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm sure a fall type trip will cure this.
  8. Colin plays piano better than I do. I'm thinking of practicing his lesson when he's not at home.
  9. I'm lucky if I change my sheets once a month.
  10. When I was an only child I so wanted a little sister. I'm sure I threw up at the hospital due to the excitement of it all. And you are a great sister! I always have a fun time with you and I know I can always count on you for a good, reassuring word on a variety of subjects. I'm sure I am a bit emotionally messy for you, but I hope you know how much I admire and adore you. So there!

Now, I imagine I should be tagging someone else, but since I don't know anyone else, I'm stuck. How about We haven't read a good word from her for a while.

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  1. I think this was a lovely post. I'm particularly fond of Secret 10. And I promise not to share the WDW secret, because I think it's a timing issue. You just don't love it on spring break with every other family in the universe. Oh, and I think you're a rather nice sister yourself (said with a wink if I were good at them, and even a non-burden transferring hug).